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The services listed here are my most popular offerings, but sessions can be customized to your specific needs. To learn more about these services and discuss what might work best for you, please use the form below to connect with me!

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Team sessions are a great opportunity to enhance team culture and empower team members.


One-on-one sessions allow for more in depth and personal consulting.

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Group Services

Group Services

Group sessions typically include activities, worksheets, content sharing and application, and small and large group discussions. Topics can be decided by consultant and program staff based on the group's specific needs. These sessions offer athletes a space to think deeply about their performance and apply mental skills training to their sport. Practice presence is additional time that the consultant spends with the team. This additional time builds rapport, enhances the quality of the sessions to follow, and gives the consultant an opportunity to apply brief interventions when appropriate.

While sessions and practice presence were originally designed for athletes/athletic teams, other groups can certainly benefit from mental skills training. Please reach out to Carson to learn how these services can be adapted to your group's needs.

Possible topics include:

  • Communication

  • Group Vision

  • Motivation

  • Confidence

  • Mistake Management

  • Goal Setting

  • Leadership

  • Stress Management

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Group Session


✓ Small and large group facilitation

✓ Personalized content & session plan

✓ Interactive and engaging activities

Practice Presence

Possible uses:

  • Attending practices/games

  • Arriving early or staying late for additional support

  • Debrief to go over general observations and suggestions


Individual Services

Individual Services

Individual sessions are a great opportunity for me and the performer to dive deeper into their unique experience. During these sessions, I am able to listen, help identify needs, and share useful tools and content in a more personal way. It also provides a safe space for performers to discuss challenges and mental barriers in a more private setting. I am able to tailor my the mental skills training to the individual and develop a strong relationship with them.

Individual Session

✓ One-on-one consulting

✓ Personalized content & session plan

✓ Interactive and engaging activities


Not sure what's right for you? Let's talk.
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