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Hear from athletes and coaches I've worked with over the years.


To this day I still use the skills that I learned during our sessions. I even look out for teammates who have similar struggles so that I can share what Carson taught me. But most importantly, Carson helped me realize that I am stronger than I thought I was and that I am resilient. Our work together has changed the way I see myself as an athlete and a person in the best way possible. I am forever grateful for Carson’s impact in my life, and the lessons I have learned will help me during my final year of college athletics, as well as in my life after being an athlete.

Brooke Bolwerk

Volleyball Player, Minnesota State University

Carson worked with our football team over the summer and had a huge impact for us. She taught our kids a lot about how to support their teammates and recognize them for their successes and actions to help the team. She hit on a variety of things individually with our captains and seniors as well as our team as a whole. Our culture was at the best place it had ever been last year and Carson played a huge part in that happening. She was organized and had a great plan for working with our group of players. I highly recommend her working with you or your team.

Nick Leone

Head Football Coach, Mariemont High School


Carson's invaluable assistance throughout my collegiate sports journey is indescribable. Her expertise in mental skills training has significantly enhanced my performance, focusing on an aspect of sports that is often neglected. Carson played a pivotal role in restoring my self-assurance during periods of sports performance anxiety and reigniting my passion for volleyball. In essence, without Carson's exceptional mental training skills, I would not have achieved the honor of a first-team all-conference player in the nation's top D2 conference. ​

Sophie Tietz

Volleyball Player, Minnesota State University

Athlete, Mariemont High School

"Carson made every session so much fun and made it an environment that was so enjoyable to be in."

Coach, Mariemont High School

"She was engaging, energizing and enabling for the athletes. Enthusiastic and the right technical and profession skills. She adapted her program to our team's needs easily."

Athlete, Minnesota State University

“[I] grew in so many ways. Now able to identify my strengths and weaknesses and know how to use them to my advantage."

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